Born in 1971, Matt’s curiosity about natural history lead to him drawing and keeping sketchbooks from an early age.
He went on to study art and art history at Salisbury College of Art and then to Carmarthenshire College of Art to study wildlife illustration, completing his HND in illustration with a distinction.

Matt began his career as a painter after leaving college, his main subjects being landscape and still life.

In recent years he has returned to his interest in natural history, producing eye-catching works in collage, mixed media and oil.

Matt finds that it is often a tiny piece of information, which may trigger an idea for a work – seeing an animal or bird in an unusual location, or a blink sketch of swifts.
The challenge for him is to convey his enthusiasm for the subject and capture the feeling of seeing something for the first time.

Matt has exhibited his work at many galleriesi including

  • The Medici Gallery,
  • The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition,
  • The Llewellyn Alexander Gallery,
  • The Royal West of England Academy of Art and
  • The Mall Gallery where, at the 2002 SWLA exhibition, Matthew won the RSPB Fine Art Award.

Matt has also exhibited in Amsterdam.
His work is also sold in New York.